How To Fly 1 Foot High In Just 2 Simple Steps

How To Fly 1 Foot High In Just 2 Simple Steps

I will tell you how to fly 1 foot high in 2 easy steps……Enjoy.

Step 1:

To do this sit crossed legged on a smooth floor and note that both your feet should be placed over your lap. See the photo given. To do this first place your right foot on your left lap and then your left foot on your right lap or vice versa. Note that both your feet should be over {on top of} your lap and not beneath it.

Step 2:

After making this position put both your hands on either side of your legs. See the photo for help. You can bend them a little for now. Now, put all your body weight on your hands and leave your legs loose. And at the count of three push your hands towards the ground and your crossed legged feet upwards. Wow! And here’s what you wanted. You’re actually flying almost a foot high. Isn’t that great.

Note: Don’t do this in your jeans. Wear track suits when doing this.

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um kinda cool………….

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